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Ascalaphe. © inra, Christian SLAGMULDER

Plant Health and Environment

The Division for Plant Health and Environment (SPE) is one of the 13 divisions of INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). SPE is in charge of conducting research in the field of crop protection sensu lato (i.e., taking the environment surrounding the crop into account). Its general purpose is to contribute to the development of a productive but environmentally safer agriculture by producing both academic and operational knowledge, by providing methods and tools for crop protection, risk and impact assessment, and by contributing to professional and public education. The development of high-level academic research is a priority for the division. At the same time, and based on the acquired scientific knowledge, SPE helps stakeholders and decision-makers to keep abreast of on-going developments in the fields of crop protection, agroecology, environment quality and food safety.


Units of the Research Division